About Inspire Chocolate

Inspire Chocolate creates artisan, organic, fair-trade, GMO-free chocolates that inspire. Our chocolates either have inspiring words designed into the chocolates or inspiring quotes underneath or around the chocolates, and always have inspiration baked into the chocolates. All chocolates are made in Seattle Washington by chocolatier Nathalie Jacobs.

Our Story

Inspire Chocolate was founded in September, 2012 by Daniel & Nathalie Jacobs. Daniel and Nathalie met on a bus taking them from the border of Chile and Peru to Nathalie’s hometown of Arequipa, Peru. Nathalie was returning from a journey during which she was teaching impoverished children Portuguese, and Daniel was at the tail end of a volunteer and spiritual journey that had taken him all over the world – from Spain to Guatemala to Peru. They fell in love, and within months, inspirational chocolate was on their minds. After all, Nathalie is a chocolatier and Daniel has spent over a decade running organizations that inspire people to participate in meaningful, heart work. Thus a chocolate organization was born.

In the beginning, Inspire Chocolate was called Placebo Effect. The purpose of Placebo Effect was the same as Inspire Chocolate: to provide people with chocolate that could bring love, joy, and INSPIRATION into people’s lives. Placebo Effect had an inspirational beginning: After launching in December 2011, Placebo Effect created a project on Kickstarter called The Placebo Chocolate Project. That project raised $12,300, donated hundreds of meals to children, and put thousands of inspirational chocolate bars into the hands of community members who could enjoy them. After the project was over, Daniel & Nathalie had to halt production of the chocolate shop – for Nathalie had to immigrate to the United States, they had to get civilly married, and get a chocolate shop set up in Seattle). During this time they had the opportunity to meditate on a new inspiring name for the organization. “Inspire Chocolate,” Nathalie said one night. Daniel agreed without argument, thus solidifying his role as a new husband. ;)

Our Inspiring Cause

Each month, 10% of our retail profits and 5% of our wholesale profits are donated to children’s charities that inspire children, in various ways, to make meaningful contributions to society. The donations will be featured in a monthly newsletter detailing all of the latest with inspire chocolate that you can subscribe to in the sidebar to your right. Subscribers to our monthly email can write to us with suggestions for new charities as well.